January 2019

Four Ways to Make the House Hunting Process Easier

Posted on Jan 24, 2019 in Real Estate

Shopping for a new home can be intimidating. With so many things to do and think about, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some good tips for making the home hunting process a lot easier and much less stressful.1. Get your mortgage arranged in advance.
You don’t want to find the ideal home on the market, only...

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Lighting Your Way to a Faster Sale

Posted on Jan 07, 2019 in House Tips

0119article2Remember the last time you visited an upscale furniture showroom? The furniture and fixtures on display probably looked great. The colors and textures jumped out at you. It was a feast for the eyes!

There is a good reason why: Lighting.Of course, the quality of the products has a lot to do with how appealing they look when on display. But smart reta...

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